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Recurring characters: Mom-Karla Sona / Dad-Enrique Alcaraz / Boyfriend-Chris / Stepdad-Bern / Childhood friend-Stephanny 


Estábamos Stephanny y yo en una casa rodeada de agua, teníamos que ir a una cascada que en su torrente traía frutas…teníamos que recolectar muchas, pero yo me caía…ella me seguía y empezábamos a nadar. De repente ya no estábamos en agua, sino en la parte de arriba de una selva muy muy tupida, ¡podíamos caminar sobre los árboles! Alguien nos estaba siguiendo y decidíamos bajar al piso de la sé q pasó pero ya estábamos en una fiesta frente al mar…estaban mis primas, mi perrita Lilly. Se veían olas gigantes a lo lejos, paredes gigantes amenazantes de agua que parecían venir hacia nosotros, pero nunca llegaban, eran parte del show de la fiesta, como fuegos artificiales pero con agua.



We were in NYC, on the top of a huge skyscraper. It seemed to be my cousin´s wedding. There was a pool and lots of people… we could see in a clear area a line of mountains in the distance. Mingling and talking to everyone, I notice the mountains move like a wave… they move again. Earthquake I think. After a few moments, everyone else saw it at last. Huge chunks of mountain come shooting up from the ground all around us, becoming new peek mountains, castles and such. I ran for the camera and could get a 5 second clip of the event. My camera then turned into what felt like a water filled balloon. It was difficult to press the buttons in order to show off my footage to the rest of the guests. A pterodactyl type of winged animal flies by. Everyone is in a panic. I´m not.


We try and figure out what was going on. It seemed to be 2012 related. A cleansing and beginning of a new world. The world, our world, had turned into a game, a game GOD (I guess) was playing with us. We had to sit in a amusement park and go through the history of the world made out of Legos. These legos were animated, like a stop motion movie. It showed the planet, how we were killing it, explosions, a huge mickey mouse, everything moving and making us feel bad about being human.


My family was there, dad, mom, Bern, Chris, Ana Helena, Chacho, Lucas, the Rivas were there too.


We got to the end of the ride and we see this huge house, abandoned, well, not abandoned because the family had all been killed by the blasts and earth shakings. We had to be very careful. Somehow, I already had my big traveling backpack full of my necessaries. We go into the house and there are clues everywhere of things we have to do in order to survive this “change”- we try and read into every little thing, every painting on the wall. There are books everywhere, hoops, a lot of furniture that was in the way (probably moved by an explosion)… there is an elevator, we go in, and every floor we stop on is a different world. The first one is a grassy valley with railroads everywhere crossing it. We go to another floor, it´s a room, a big room with a huge bed. We found something there that appeared to be the key to surviving. We had to take this thing (can´t remember exactly what it was, it was small enough to carry with one hand), I see objects that I recognize, purses and shoes I had seen before… it was Juliana´s room (my college roommate). I decide to take some of the things, somehow I know she´s alive.


We go up to the real word level, and there was a gigantic opening through buildings, where Nintendo-like huge rings appeared, we knew we had to get on our bike, paddle fast and jump through at least 10 of the rings holding this important object we had found. We were very nervous. By that time, I think I was a boy, because it was up to me and another boy to do it. We were the best on bikes and the lightest. We decided he would go first, if he failed, he´d drop the object and I could try again. It was very emotional, we knew if he failed he would die. We were getting ready, walking up to our bikes, there was a strange man leaning on a wall… all he said was, 3, 2, 1… and a huge explosion from the rings came. We were too late. The “portal” had closed.


We ran into the house again, into the elevator, I couldn´t understand why we´d go into the elevator when there was fire everywhere, then I remembered it would take us to another world. We hit a button, we came to a world where the only thing there was was a cenote and mangrove around it. We went in and sat for a while in the water. My dad lead the conversation and he let us know, that if he ever got back to México, he was going to become a Chaman, go to Paamul and just live. I was estranged from his comment but didn´t make much of it.


We left that world in search for a bigger one. We pressed a button and got to the first world we were at, grassy and with railroads everywhere, no train… a line of 5 baby elephants went by, moss was growing on their back. There we a few other people there, they looked like pigmies. We decided to stay there.



Estaba con Stephanny, en una estructura frente al mar a las 4am, aun oscuro y con unas olas grandes… Chris nos forzó a meternos a surfear aunque claramente era demasiado peligroso para nosotras. Adentro, el agua helada nos tiraba y maltrataba por doquier. Nos salimos por otro lado, donde él no nos viera y subimos las enormes escaleras que rodeaban la estructura como entre fuerte y hotel en la que estábamos para escondernos en un cuarto. Un perrito nos siguió. Ahi estábamos, Stepha y yo, escapando de la tiranía de Chris. Había una cama y una computadora en ese cuarto, el perrito se orinó e inhundó la habitación, lo cual hizo del lugar muy desagradable. Aparentemente, todos mis compañeros de la primaria (Ricky Rivas, Claudia Gonzalez, Maura, Paulina…) nos estaban buscando frenéticamente y nosotras por alguna razón no contestábamos a sus llamados; veía por la ventana que todos estban muy preocupados. Mi trenza de repente empezó a jalarme hacia la ventana…el ambar de al final de la trenza era muy grande (como del tamaño de una pelota de beisbol) y me obligó a sacar la cabeza por la ventana, casi tirándome al río; Stephanny me vió y me jaló hacia adentro.


Nos encontraron. Todos estaban muy enojados con nosotros, ya era de día, todos se estaban preparando para surfear. Las olas eran enormes, transparentes, se veían los peces, muchos cocodrilos, pero parecía que a nadie le importaba.


Yo, sola, me metí al río con un guía en una balsa típica de Perú… estábamos navegando los ríos, mi perrita Shusha nos seguía; habían gatos por todos lados, como changos, en los árboles. Unos delfines rosas de río nos empezaron a seguir…yo traté de sacar mi cámara lo más rápido que pude, “deténte! tengo que sacar mi cámara” pero no se detenía el señor guía… por fin la saqué, los delfines ahi seguían, pero empezaron a salirse del agua, pararse en dos patas e irse. Parecían entre caballo y avestruz… pero en las fotos salieron como caballos parados en dos patas. Casualmente, como si nada, no me sorprendió.


Mi ambar, muy pesado de repente, me empezó a jalar de nuevo…ahora hacia el agua. Me hundió hasta el fondo donde me senté con las piernes cruzadas en flor de loto y podía ver pasar por encima de mi a los surfeadores. Increíble.



Un grupo de Testigos de Jehova o algo parecido habían invadido mi casa, yo tenía una pecera grandísima con una morena hermosa, los niños testigos estaban moviendo la pecera y le hicieron un crack, por ese crack se salió la morena y podía nadar en el aire, me pasé la mitad de mi sueño tratando de agarrar a una morena en medio de pláticas religiosas que intentaba ignorar. Había ropa por todos lados. Al fin, Chris se enojó y sacó a todos a patadas. Por fin estábamos solos en la casa. Al abrir la puerta de un cuarto, encontré a los Wiener (amigos de la familia), sentados en una alberca dentro de mi casa.



I was getting ready for a party that was going to be held on the island I lived in. It was a floating island that drifted over a huge jungle, slowly, about 50 mts over the canopy. On that island there was a very high building, glass and beautiful. I got into the elevator, all dressed up, with very long hair. I get to the top and is seems my mom is the owner of the building, because everyone treats me very nice and there are K emblemas everywhere. I didn´t see anyone I knew, so I started to walk around, there were tables with jewelry everywhere. I took a big shiny necklace and put it on. I was looking down upon the jungle, and wondered why I couldn´t go there. Why is it prohibited? After a while of not bumping in to anyone I knew, I took the elevator down to the garage. I opened the garage door and there it was, a big open, straight drop. I got my vehicle. It was a gigantic sting ray. I hopped on and flew down and around the island. We got to the tree tops, we were looking for an opening to get under the canopy… finally, we see one, we dive into the darkness and can barely see anything. All of a sudden, purple lit creatures start flying around us… we get scared and fly back up to the safety of the open space.



Estaba con Anakaren (amiga de MTY) en una ciudad de montañas muy inclinadas. Todas las calles eran super empinadas y tenías que tener mucho cuidado al manejar. Traíamos un carrito pequeño, como un Golf, estábamos buscando algo, no sé qué, pero algo importante. Llegamos a una casa en busca de ese algo, entramos, estaba llena de esculturas de gatos, en cada rincón había un gato, inmóbil, parecían reales… paseamos por el jardín, había una lago hermoso, lleno de barquitos de papel que se movían como barquitos reales (eso no era lo que estábamos buscando). Nos salimos de esa casa y regresamos al carro, ya era una camioneta Hummer. Manejamos por todos lados, habían nubes arriba y abajo, las podías tocar, eran como espuma de afeitar. Por fin llegamos a un lugar, donde sabíamos encontraríamos lo que queríamos. Nos estacionamos y tocamos la puerta, nadie contesta, entramos por nuestra cuenta y encontramos una pool party. Gente claramente del DF, muy blancos, los hombres con traje de baño color pastel y cortitos, las mujeres con traje de baño pero tapadas con una falda… estaban jugando y tomando. Se nos quedan viendo, saben que venimos a llevarnos algo de ahi. El lugar es hermoso, parece una terraza de esas lujosas en lo alto de un edificio, que tiene jardín y alberca, pero la alberca es doble, hay una flotando arriba de la otra. Para cuando nos dimos cuenta, habían enormes cantidades de merengue por todos lados, ¡empezó una Guerra de comida! Nos tiraban el merengue, nosotras a ellos, todo era un desastre, cuando de repente, la alberca flotante se cae y empieza a sobrellenarse la alberca normal, mucha agua empieza a inundar al lugar, salimos corriendo, yo por delante hacia la hummer, intento abrir la puerta, pero por alguna razón hay un trailer tratando de estacionarse justo al lado de mi puerta y casi me apachurra… Karen sale corriendo y abre la puerta del otro lado, me dice que entre rápido al carro… entro y todo estaba en silencio, como si el hummer fuera una càpsula de silencio, se veía un montón de acción afuera, la gente corriendo por el agua, la inundación, el trailer…y no se oía nada.



Trabajaba en un bar muy parecido a the Low Tide (Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica), pero estaba situado frente a un lago gigante. Se podia ver desde la superficie cómo jellyfish gigantes habitaban las aguas. Llegaban varias mujeres muy altas y hermosas al bar a preguntarme cómo llegar a un edificio de la ciudad, las llevé hasta ahi y me pidieron que me quedara. Subo en el elevador con ellas, un elevador completamente abierto, solo con barandales de alambre para mantenernos a salvo. Llegamos a un cuarto enorme, de techos muy altos y todo plateado; era para un casting de modelos. Todas pasaron al casting y yo me quedé esperando, de pura curiosidad, me probé unos zapatos de tacón muuuuy alto, para ver si podía caminar, me di una vuelta por el cuarto y una de las señoras me vio. Fui escoltada a otro cuarto del piso, este cuarto estaba lleno de plantas y jardines, ahi estaba la encargada de escoger a las modelos. Me pidió que caminara… le gusto, pero soy muy chaparra. Me preguntó que cual es la diferencia entre un hombre y una mujer, yo contesto: “que al hombre lo puedes dibujar a base de cuadrados y a la mujer a base de círculos”. Les encanta la respuesta y me contratan para entrar a su agencia. Nadie lo puede creer, yo incluida y me voy corriendo muy felíz. Para esto, parece ser que habíamos llegado al edificio en jet skies, por alguna razón no me subo en uno, sinó que cargo el jetsky sobre mi espalda y voy hacia abajo a la playa por unas escaleras enormes, parecidas a las del Royal Mayan para bajar a la playa. En el camino me encuentro a 4 israelitas que me preguntan donde compré el lente de mi cámara (traía mi cámara en el hombro, yo no sabía) titubié si quedarme a platicar o irme a la playa, porque la marea estaba entrando y no iba a poder salir en el jetsky; les contesto que en USA e intento seguir mi camino, me siguen y me preguntan que donde compré esa cámara de video, ¿cuál?, pues traía colgada una cámara profesional, les digo que hago documentales y que me tengo que ir.


Corro hacia la playa, me quedo mirando a las olas, están enormes. De todas formas intento salir en el jetsky. Voy apenas 10 m hacia adentro cuando veo una ola gigante formarse frente a mi, hago el pato con el jetsky y paso la ola. Me acuerdo que podía ver desde otro ángulo esta acción, la manera en la que se veía el jetsky pasando la ola por debajo era increíble.



Estábamos en Costa Rica, pero no parecía el mar de CR. Era azúl azúl y con grandes rocas dentro del mar. Chris y yo estábamos en la playa, él iba a entrar a surfear, yo era parte de un grupo de camarógrafos que queríamos re-filmar algunos de los momentos más impactantes jamás filmados en la naturaleza marina. Ya era un poco tarde para entrar al agua, como 4pm, yo le prometí a Chris que desde abajo yo le iba a tomar video del él surfeando. Entramos con unas camaritas puestas sobre un palo. Fuimos directo a las rocas. Nadamos y nadamos, me di cuenta que no traía tanque de buceo, pero aun así podia aguantar minutos bajo el agua…tomando muy buen video. Muy arriba de mi podía ver la silueta de los surfers. Ya estando abajo, no sé cómo, nos comunicaron que el motivo real por el que estuviéramos filmando, es porque quieren re hacer la película de Buscando a Nemo pero con imágenes reales y sin que fuera intencionalmente grabado para eso; iban a poner a los personajes digitalmente en nuestras grabaciones. Me pareció extraño, pero seguimos nadando y grabando. Ya en el último momento bajo esas rocas gigantes, con muy poca luz, se me acercó un leopardo marino y empezó a bailotear frente a mi cámara (como el famoso video de NatGeo). Ya no me esperaron mis compañeros y me quedé bajo el agua con este leopardo marino por un buen rato. La corriente se puso muy fuerte y yo estaba entre dos piedras, me tuve que arrastrar con las manos para salir de ese tunel. Cuando llego a la superficie, ya es de noche. Chris me está esperando en la playa bastante disgustado porque no le tomé video.



Estábamos en una tocada, un grupo iba a tocar en un OXXO. Ese oxxo estaba llenísimo, todos podíamos agarrar lo que quisiéramos de la tienda, había música, alcohol…todo. Yo traía cargando una bolsa llena de los controles del Wii. Estábamos afuera en las escaleras de acceso al OXXO, cuando llamaron a Chris adentro, pues era su turno de tocar. Él entró rápidamente y yo también. Dejé la bolsa con los controles afuera, no pensé que sería problema, pues vivíamos en un pueblito en el que conocíamos a todos. La banda tocaba hasta el fondo de la tienda, no podia ver a la banda por tanta gente. Cuando terminó, yo me estaba comiendo unas papitas enormes, cada fritura era del tamaño de un hot cake. Me llama Chris porque ya acabó la tocada y nos vamos. Ya era de día cuando nos dimos cuenta que había dejado los controles del Wii en el OXXO; regresamos a ver si seguían ahi. Al llegar a las escaleras, veo que está la bolsa vacía y una parte del control con las baterías regadas a su alrededor (aparentemente usaba como 5 baterías) . Le pregunto al encargado de la tienda, un señor ya mayor, y me dice que un muchacho vino a recogerlos, diciendo que eran suyos. Obviamente era mentira y no sabía nada de Wii el ladrón, pues dejó la pieza más importante de los controles. Ahí, acostado estaba un niño de aproximadamente 4 años, en el piso, dibujando… no sé por qué, empecé a hablar con él y me pareció sospechoso. Nos quedamos un buen rato hablando con el señor y pensando quién pudo habérselo robado, veía la expresión del niño y no me pude resistir: -tú te llevaste los controles ¿verdad? –NO -¿Seguro? Si sí, no hay problema si te los llevaste, solo me los regresas y ya. –MMM, SÍ; YO LOS TENGO

Nos lleva a un cuarto atrás de la tienda, estaba lleno de cajas y cajas de cosas robadas. Abre una caja y ahí están los controles, en un empaque transparente, etiquetados, con recibo y otros papeles diciendo que lo Libran de culpa si se regresara el producto. Me da 5 papeles a firmar, demasiado formal para ser un niño de 4 años. Me saca de onda eso y el hecho que el señor nos haya mentido y dicho que había venido un muchacho a llevárselos. No le doy mucha importancia y regresamos a la casa.

El pueblo en el que vivíamos era muy parecido a Esterillos, nuestra casa era muy grande pero con la estructura y diseño parecido a la casa de Steve Buchelato (casa de Esterillos). Habían varias personas en la casa, una niña, una señora, un señor, Chris y yo. Nos fuimos a dormir, escuchábamos sonidos raros en la noche, yo sabía que nos estaban robando, pero no dije nada por miedo. En la mañana bajamos y vimos que en efecto se habían robado 2 teles de plasma, ropa, lámparas y otros electrónicos. Estábamos muy enojados. Nos acordamos que cuando nos robaron los controles del Wii, el producto y el ladrón estaban muy cerca, asi que decidimos seguir ese mismo plan de acción. Subimos al techo (hecho de tejas) y miramos al patio de nuestros vecinos, ahi, estaban 3 maletas verdes (como las que tenemos) llenas de cosas. Chris baja, yo me quedo arriba como look out, se salta la barda y agarra la maleta más grande. No sé por qué, deja las otras dos, diciendo que “así no se van a dar cuenta que faltan”. Ponemos las teles de vuelta en su lugar; la mujer estaba cocinando, teníamos un horno antiguo. Subo al techo de nuevo, veo que un chavo, de pelo largo rizado, de piel apiñonada y barba, viene corriendo hacia la reja con una barilla gigante, yo empiezo a gritarle a Chris que salga a asustarlo, Chris sale corriendo y el chavo se asusta después de pegarle 2 veces a nuestra reja. Mientra va corriendo yo le grito: ¡¡ya te vi cabrón!! ¡¡ya sé quien eres!! (recuerdo que mis gritos eran muy muy fuertes)

Bajo a desayunar, ahí estaba la niña, le pido disculpas por mis groserías.



A new movie had just come out. An animation that everyone was very excited about. I remember my family on my dad´s side was there, people I haven´t talked to in a long time. Miranda, the youngest cousin, was a little girl and was very excited about going to the movies to see this great production. We get there, we sit and the movie starts: it´s a mixture of the smurfs and little nemo (the dream movie, not the fish movie). The kids don´t like it at all, and it seems to be going on forever, but I catch something subliminal, I understand what they are trying to tell us – there is another world out there that we can get to- . So, at last the movie ends, everyone was very disappointed. The credits start along with the movie´s theme song, all the kids get really excited and jump onto the screen and start dancing a very complex routine with the characters of the movie.


We head back to the house, it´s the Cancun house, but it is elevated and has suspended bridges from one end of the house to the other. I start walking on them and two little kids follow me. We are for some reason very happy, we get into a car and in the back seat there is a mirror; a little mirror on the back of the passenger´s seat. We look into it very intensly and see that the reflection is really a tunnel, it goes straight down like a rollercoaster drop. It takes us a while to get the nerve, but we go in, feet first. The drop is amazingly fast and gray. We get to another world, it´s an arab market, full of big pottery and matts. We walk around for a bit and decide to go back to the “real” world. We get back to the normal world and nobody seems to have realized we were gone. My aunt tells me I look weird, that I can´t be trusted anymore, I tell her the same: I don´t trust you. I start writing an essay about the movie we saw, explaining how it´s real message is incredible. I draw some sketches of characters and places I saw when we went through the mirror.


My family insists I show them what I know, the car and the mirror. Unhappily I take them into the car and show them, but it doesn´t work. The mirror is just a mirror. I tell them it wont work if we´re not happy.

They tried to make me laugh and apologize for being so rude to me… but it doesn´t work.


I was now at a house by a pool, I knew Isabel Ulibarri was sleeping inside. I was telling her brother, Guille Ulibarri, about this place I went to. He seemed to have known about it but never gone. Isabel wakes up and comes out, wondering why we weren´t inside sleeping, we were supposed to be sleeping. She then hands her brother a folder with some drawings and text she had written, she looked very insecure about her essay. She, as I, was trying to discover the true meaning of the movie. I see the drawings and realize they are an exact replica of mine. I wanted to show her the car, the mirror, its power and my drawings. We go outside, her dog escapes and chases another dog, we manage to catch the dogs, we decided to take them to the new world, so we got into the car.



Soy estudiante de actuación, tenemos una clase en medio de un bosque, muy alto, con árboles enormes. Un río corre por en medio de las montañas. Tenemos que actuar como si estuviéramos perdidos y encontráramos una casa abandonada. Llegamos a la casa y hay una alberca gigante. Para ese entonces, se me había olvidado que estaba actuando y que todos a mi alrededor eran mis compañeros. A la orilla de la alberca nos sentamos toods a comer un platillo de arroz Amarillo. Estamos comiendo y el agua se empieza a tornar verde y mohoso. Sacamos los pies del agua y empezamos a caminar alrededor de la casa abandonada. Veo algo que no debo. No sé qué es, pero sé que no debo saber lo que vi. Tengo miedo. De repente empiezan a desaparecer mis compañeras. Estamos en una ciudad, en un cuarto muuuy alto y con un telón rojo enorme. Salimos a la calle y veo que están rellenando hoyos en el pavimento… sé que ahi dentro están los cuerpos de mis compañeras. Es Televisa el culpable de las muertes. Son calles muy empinadas.



Estoy en una ciudad muy elevada sobre el nivel del mar, son barrancos y puedo ver hacia abajo al mar muy movido. Estoy con chris parada en el viento. Volteamos y hay una tirolesa de la barranca hacia una isla en medio del mar. nos subimos y empezamos a deslizar. Se siente el viento muy fuerte, pero puedo ver perfectamente donde estoy. Unas gaviotas vuelan a nuestro alrededor, distrayéndome de lo que tengo enfrente: una roca gigante que se acerca hacia nosotros. Asustada al voltear, me suelto para no impactar con la roca. Estoy en el agua, pero en una barca. En la barca hay hombre con hilos que van hacia el cielo. Volteo y me doy cuenta que son las gaviotas que volaban junto a mi. me pescaron. No sabía donde estaba chris. Me llevan hacia adentro de una caverna en la roca gigante, está sorprendentemente bien iluminado con bolitas de luz. Hay tablas de surf por todos lados. Me quiero escapar. Estoy sentada junto a otros 3 presos que se veían no tenían intención alguna de tartar de escapar. Los hombres de la barca desaparecen por un instante, y yo agarro una tabla, la echo al agua y empiezo a bracear. Salgo al exterior y no veo a nadie. Viene una ola grandísima, ya es surfeada por delfines y ballenas, veo su cuerpo bajo el agua. No tengo opción mas que agarrar la ola e intentar llegar a tierra firme. Voy sobre la ola, en esta tabla gigante cuando de repente siento que se mueve raro la tabla, volteo para abajo y se está convirtiendo en una ballena, le estaban saliendo aletas, cabeza, cola… me acuesto para agarrarme bien de ella.



In a pool, my dad, Chris, my mom and I were on a little boat.  The pool seemed to be very small, but for some reason we made sure never to get even close to the edge. There were what seemed to be whale sharks swimming around us. I jump in and feel my legs changing shape. They start changing into fins, and back into legs, back to fins… there are animals swimming everywhere, around me and under me. I could see the boat floating over me, nobody came in to rescue me. Three whale sharks start heading straight towards me, they change forms, into mermaids, back into fish, into long-haired girls, back into fish, they grab me and swim away with me…the pool is so deep… I can´t see the bottom.



Estábamos en un tour, por  un país que parecía Israel, Chris y yo ya habíamos estado en ese lugar, teníamos una hora para ir a conocer un río, regresar caminando por la playa y reunirnos con todos. Estaba soleado, mucha arena por todos lados, llegamos a la boca de un río que nadamás terminaba. No desembocaba en ningun lugar, sinó que paraba justo ahi. Subimos el río en un kayak, vimos plantas, animales…para cuando nos dimos cuenta, ya era hora de regresar. Salimos corriendo por la playa hacia donde teníamos que encontrar a todos, podíamos ver la casa a lo lejos pero nos distrajo el mar, habían unas olas increíbles, gente estaba saliendo a surfear y nos invitaban… un chavo me dio mi tabla (la ron john de CR) y no nos pudimos resistir, nos metimos al mar, la corriente nos arrastró hasta enfrente de la casa donde todos nos estaba esperando. Les gritamos a todos que vinieran al mar con nosotros, pero ya nos teníamos que ir. Nos salimos, subimos unas escaleras enormes y nos encontramos con el guía, muchos del CES, stephanny con una peluca rosa fosforescente. Empezamos a caminar por la calle, todos comían queso cabra y lo compartíamos. Llegamos a una casa donde habían árboles gigantes, nos sentamos a sus raíces y platicamos. Stephanny con su peluca rosa. Mire hacia arriba y el árbol tenía ojos, no se veía claramente, pero sabía que estaban ahí, tuve una sensación y necesidad intensa de querer subir el árbol… lo intenté… pero no avanzaba nada, nadie me volteaba a ver, nadie notó que estaba actuando como chango. Por fin subí un metro. Ahí, satisfecha, me senté en una rama y me quedé mirando a los demás.


Estábamos Chris y yo en una casa que era la de CR, pero mucho más grande, de tres pisos, con ventanas muy largas y verticales. Era de noche, estábamos sentados acurrucados en un sillón viendo un video de nosotros nadando. Quiero cerrar las cortinas porque siento que alguien nos está mirando, lo hago, y hasta arriba de las cortinas, hecho bolita, hay un changuito capuccin.  Me altero mucho porque sé exactamente cómo entró a la casa. Intento atraparlo, corre y se mete a un cajón. Mientras está ahi dentro, agarro una bolsa de tela y abro el cajón, el chango se mete a la bolsa solito, lo cierro, pero la bolsa tiene un hoyo… vuelvo a intentar con otra bolsa (para ésto, el changuito se había vuelto pequeñito), entra a la bolsa de Nuevo, lo cierro y esta vez sí lo atrapo esta vez. Lo saco al jardín y subo corriendo al tercer piso, donde sé que habíamos dejado abiertas las puertas corredizas y que por ahí es cómo había entrado el changuito. Llego arriba, ya es de día, y veo que un león macho está tratando de abrir las puertas corredizas de cristal, asustadísima llego justo a tiempo para parar el deslizamiento de las puertas, llega otro león, una Leona e intenta abrir otra puerta, ahí estoy, con las manos en dos puertas corredizas tratando de evitar que entren a la casa, grito: Chriiiis!! Ven a ayudarme!!! , pero se tarda horas en subir, ya estoy cansadísima, justo en el momento en que llega Chris, mis manos ceden y los leones y leonas entran. Me paralizo tipo camaleón, una Leona pasa enfrente de mi, se arrima y se acaricia con mi cuerpo como lo hacen los soberbios gatos. Es enorme, su espalda me llega al mentón, Chris me dice que me relaje, no puedo. Recuerdo que en el otro cuarto también hay una puerta corrediza y que hay algo dentro de ese cuarto que tengo que proteger… corro a él, entro, sigue cerrada, fiufff… camino hacia la puerta, le pongo seguro: Click – todos los leones  que seguían afuera voltean la Mirada hacia mi. En ese momento, empieza a llover muy fuerte, se empieza a inundar el patio y los leones son deslavados por una pendiente de la casa. Satisfecha, bajo las escaleras y encuentro la sala llena de changuitos, sentados viendo tele.



Estábamos en una fiesta de reunion del CES, estaba mi papá, mi mama, chris, y todos los del CES… empezamos a tomar bastante, era una explanada enorme de pasto, con colchones por todos lados. Después de un rato, volteé la mirada hacia arriba para encontrar que las nubes eran moradas… me pareció extraño pero no le di importancia. Fui a una de las camas, solo para enconrtar a mi papa borrachísimo desmayado…lo intento despertar, pero no despierta… lo dejo ahi otro rato. Yo estoy cuidando a una bebé por alguna razón. Tiene un año, pero ya está repitiendo frases completas que me escucha decir. Vuelvo al colchón a despertar  a mi papa… no despierta, no despierta… llega un doctor, lo declara muerto. Mi pa se empieza a tornar Amarillo, a inflarse…horrible. No sabemos qué hacer… empezamos a planear qué hacer con el cuerpo, reunimos a toda la familia, para esto, ya estamos en una casa, en un piso muy alto. Hay una cama alta, donde estamos esta niña a la que cuido y yo, esperando algo, me pregunta que por qué no se despierta mi papa, le digo: mira, está muerto, y lo empiezo a mover como si tratándolo de despertar, en eso, su cara amarilla e inflada empieza a moverse, a abrir un ojo, y despierta mi papa. Sacadísima de onda, supongo que puse una cara de susto, pues mi papa pregunta: ¿¿qué pasa!?!? ¿¿Por qué esa cara??? Le digo que él ya estaba muerto, que es imposible que esté aqui. Me dice: pues, no es la primera vez que me pasa.



Me encontraba en una alberca de olas estilo wet-n-wild, pero todos éramos surfers. Traíamos cada quien su tabla y estábamos esperando a que dejaran de poner olas pequeñas y pusieran las olas buenas… yo estaba fuera, sentada con mi mama bajo un paraguas gigante, enorme, y aun asi me pegaba el sol. Yo veia que todos ya estaban entrando al agua, me prepare y encaminé hacia el agua también. Al tocar el agua, mi tabla se convierte en fomi, super suave y no me podia subie bien en ella, venía una ola grande, intento agarrarla pero la flacidez de mi tabla no me lo permite… al lado mío, un chavo tenía una longboard, salto ahcia esa tabla y ahi vamos en tandem hasta la orilla. Ya no estábamos en una alberca, ya era una playa, pero al mismo tiempo era como un vestuario. Había ropa por todos lados, colgando, en el piso, en closets… me empiezo a poner la ropa que sabía me tenía que poner para algo; no sé qué es, pero sé que en ese momento iba a hacer algo importante, llevo puesto un vestido de red negro que realmente no me cubría nada… se me salía todo, pero era adecuado. Un señor llega y me lleva a una puerta y me dice que pase por ahi. Entro y me encuentro con un pastizal de pasto muy alto, me cubre la vista y no sé por donde ir.



Estábamos Chris y yo en un lugar parecido a CR, estábamos planeando la apertura de una galería e íbamos a ser parte de los artistas participantes. Nos encontrábamos varias personas a las que no conozco platicando, cuando todos nos detuvimos y corrimos hacia el mar, pues habían unas olas buenísimas. Solamente habían long boards de como 4 metros, cosa que nunca había intentado yo. Estaba Gaby, Anette, Malú, todas surfeando y haciendo stand up boards en el mar, me invitan a surfear, Gaby me dice que está haciendo una película y que qué  bueno que yo estaba ahí porque necesitaba a una chava para la siguiente escena. Agarro la tabla gigante e intento agarrarlas, se me hace imposible, me caigo me pego me trato de levantar me resbalo… terminamos de surfear y regresamos a los planes de la galería. nos separaron por grupos y nos dijeron que todos los que íbamos a participar teníamos que hacer un curso de PADI, yo les decía que ya estaba certificada, pero no les importó, me unieron a un grupo de 3 y me tenía que meter a ese curso. Chris estaba ahí, él en un grupo de 10. Aparentemente íbamos a ir a aguas infestadas de tiburones y yo estaba cubierta e raspones y cortadas, me los tenían que sellar para que no me fueran a atacar los tiburones… primero me pusieron una especie de vaselina sobre los raspones de mis hombros y después un hule, terminó siendo como una llanta de hule incrustada en mi piel. Estábamos en un pasillo yo y Estersita (la sobrina de Sonia) y se nos apareció una culebra ratonera enorme, nos tiraba mordidas por todos lados, pétalo se metió entre la culebra y nosotros y nos salvó. La culebra mordi´a pétalo varias veces y ella estaba toda hinchada caminando por la calle, pero no parecía molestarle. Los locales nos preguntaban que si estábamos nerviosos porque iban a abrir un hotel justo al lado de nuestra galería, pero no lo estábamos, porque era un lugar todo negro y de metal…ahí no se pueden hacer exposiciones – dije.


Nos separaron en nuestros grupos respectivos de nuevo, y empezamos una carrera de inteligencia, con pistas y mapas qué seguir para encontrar la susodicha galería. A mi se me perdió mi libro de pistas y me tuve que acercar a otro grupo a seguirlos y a ayudar a seguir las pistas… estábamos en un lugar muy frío, parecía Estocolmo, estábamos pasando mercados y tiendas, llegamos a una calle transitada, yo estaba en bikini y moría de frío. Chris me ignoraba, pues era una competencia y no se quería distraer… preguntábamos a todos si conocían la galería “tal” , nadie nos dirigía a ningún lado… seguimos mil pistas, página tras página del librito, al final, nos rendimos… estábamos en un depa todos, tristes, haciendo de comer, ya eran las 5:3’pm y la expo empezaba a las 6:30 y aún no encontrábamos el lugar! Un chavo me llama para que yo le echara un vistazo al libro de pistas… y vimos que nuestro lugar de inicio tenía el número 11 11 12 y el lugar final , osea, la galería, tenía el número 11 11 11… solamente teníamos que regresar de donde comenzamos!!! Les decimos a todos que se vistan que ya nos vamos… yo no encuentro mis botas y me tardo años… voy corriendo tras de todos, por alguna razón paramos en medio de un parque a hacer un número musical tipo broadway contando nuestras aventuras y después seguimos corriendo hacia el lugar de inicio. El lugar 11 11 11 era una galería de muffins… nunca hubiéramos pensado que sería ahi! Vemos la puerta y dice mi nombre… todos los demás se quedan afuera esperando, yo entro, y me encuentro a Heidi Klum desnuda esperándonos… me dice que entren todos, que el nombre de la puerta no es mi nombre, es un nombre cualquier que escogieron los pilotod que vinieron a la expo, y de pura casualidad escogieron Janna. Entramos todos y Heidi empieza a hacer un performance bien raro, yo volteo a ver el curto y está hecho de pan.



Chris was visiting me and my friend Ana Karen in Monterrey. We had all these activities planned and lived in this really cool 2 story loft, we had a huge aquarium. Nothing was in the aquarium, it was just to sit in…so we did, I went in with my shirt, so had to borrow one from my friend. I wore this long pink shirt, we drove to the Cineteca where we were going to watch a new movie, they dropped us off and the boys (chris and her boyfriend) went to park the car. We stood there for hours, waiting for them, we got the popcorn and sodas, nothing, they wouldn´t get back. So, they finlly get there, and they had decided to walk around the cineteca, but we can see they were all druged up. The boyfriend was now my dad, and there we sat, in an empty thatre Chris, Anakaren and my dad, waiting for the movie. It starts, it´s about a girl who has to get something out of a sunken ship…it ends in 10 minutes and we are very disappointed. When we go out, we are no longer in Monterrey, we are now in a place like India, it was a huge market and a fare. My dad was no longer my dad, now he was this jesus – like man, very tall and blonde, the girlfriend was no longer Anakaren, but some chubby girl I had never met. I was still wearing her lent pink shirt. We walk around, buy food, sit and watch a big ferris wheel for hours. Afterwards, we are at this big lake, with all our scuba gear on, the 4 of us ready to go in, when suddenly 4 white shark fins pop out of the water, we are already thigh high in the water, I put my mask and there is a meter of water, a layer of meat, bones, trash, then like 10m of water and all the way on the bottom there they are, 4 white sharks circleing and coming up to the garbage patch to feed. I get really scared, chris insists I go in, we kind of float first, to get out gear going, and a shark hits me because I am in the gargabe patch and that is where they feed. All around us is just a desert with tents and markets, a policeman comes and tells us not to go into the water. So we leave and go to a rooftop café where we are drinking mate. I am worried because my shirt is all wet and I don´t want the girlfriend to get upset, so we use the hand washing place, chris gets all upset because he doesn´t like mate and that is all there is, and goes to see the horizon,  alone. I am sitting in a picnic table drinking mate, and the jesus-like guy starts complaining about her girlfriend, saying he is so sad, so I grab a huge pillow that was there and start drawing a huge smile, but, I start to lose control, I have been drugged, I can´t keep my eyes open, I am tryin to keep drawing but it is so difficult. At last, I finish and I show it to him, I get a good laugh and he feels better. We go over to where chris is, he is sitting on a matt watching tv, I sit on the table and hunch down to be at his eye level, a huge hand, huuuuge, grabs my head, I can feel it cover my neck all the way to my forehead.



girls from the CES were all together to watch a video we had made… it was quite the event. To get to the place where it was going to be projected, we hd to swim in these channels that separated the wildlife from where we could swim. Everyone went ahead, I stayed and played with a cocatee that was there, it flew away into a cloud, I started walking towards the channels to go catch up. I start swimming and see everyone at the other end of the channel, but, right infront of me, these huge hippos start popping up. I freeze in fear, and know I have to stay still, so I do. The hippos see me, and apparently knew they shouldn´t be on this side of the separation, so they start heading to the division wall. They get to the wall (1.5m tall) and start to jump clumsily over it, getting stuck half way and wiggling there bodies out of the dry air. When all are gone, I swim towards the video-watching area. The movie was already on but I couldn´t watch it, for some reason I only stared down at the water.



we were on a cruise celebrating a graduation. All sorts of people were there. We were going to travel to different parts of México in order to celebrate in everyone´s home town. We get to a place that looks like Chiapas, we are walking down an unpaved road lookinf gor a community. We get to the community and we find it is being torn down and turned into a new yoga-enthusiast center. They are building platforms and large halls all out of wood. We start helping them out, everything has sand floors,  I see little mounts in the sand, I start digging and find turtle eggs, some hatched and some still full, so I tell Chris to help me get them out, there are at least 10 nests with unhatched eggs in them. After we take the eggs out, put them aside, they start hatching and turn out to be snake eggs, fer de lance snakes! We get scared and run off to another place, which turns out to be the cruise again. The cruise is now made of wood. We get to an island which is very close to the US, and island I had never herd about. It has very steep roads and very old colonial houses everywhere. We get to our hotel, an find it to be an old hacienda. We get accommodated and start unpacking, I see there is a big aquarium, I stare at it. There are weird animals in there but I don´t comment on the fact. At night, we were all getting ready to go out, I was putting on makeup in this huge bathroom with shelves everywhere, when suddenly a mixture between a frog and a fish comes flapping into the bathroom, the ugliest creature I have seen, he opens his mouth and it´s full of teeth, it starts jumping towards me and I run to the aquarium to see where it came from. To my surprise, all the animals in the tank are fusing with one another and creating these horrible creatures.



I was sent to a house where it was said you could time travel long ago. I get there with my dog, Newton, and find that there are prople actually living in that house. They are all packed and ready  to go but say we can go in and take a look at the house if we want. We go in, and I see the place where one could time travel, but it is full of venomous fumigation sprays and I don´t think it´s going to work. The garden oversaw a channel that connected the ocean with a lagoon. There was a big storage room garage right behind the garden, I walk in and see a lantern on, I take a double take and see a 10yr old girl, crutching on the lantern, staring at me. It freaks me out and I start walking backwards, I see a line on the floor that wasn´t there before, Newton is now my snake and he is sliding towards the line, for some reason I know he shouldn´t cross the line, but he does and explodes. There is a moment where I can´t see anything and I wake up on the other side of the channel, looking at the house I was just in. I time traveled. A frigate looking boat in crossing the channel and I decide to jump in and hold on to the boat to cross over to the house and find Newton, I can see the rocks are full of sea urchins. I get to the other side and fins Newton playing with the little girl that was sitting on the lantern.



I was in a cruise with all my childhood friends. There was a show going on, a fat man was doing tricks with frogs. I wasn´t very interested, so I took off to wonder the boat. I got to the bottom level and saw all the workers. I looked around and saw a big open door, from which a large amount of light was coming in, I walked towards it, glanced out, and there was a pier sticking out from the back of the cruise. I was amazed, all the workers were having a blast, jumping into the water, that looked like a glass seethrough bottomless boat. I could see all the animals swimming underneath us, playing with balloons and with their eyes, telling me to jump in. I do. I jumped in and there are thousands of sea urchins, they don´t sting me, but they are everywhere! A dolphin comes, I grab onto his back fin and he brings me back up to the pier.





I was hosting a party in my house. My house was a big, mediterranian looking house, very open, with glass-less windows everywhere, white walls and tall roofs. It was filled with water. All the rooms, living room, and the outside pool were connected by water. It was located on top of a great rock overlooking the sea, there was an infinity pool dangling from the rocks. I could see another piece of land about 100mts away, but could clearly see 3 huge dogs, very aggressively barking at us and our party. We made jokes and laughed at the dogs that couldn´t reach us. My mother was there, telling us it was time to go upstairs because the tide was coming in. We do, and the lower level of the house floods. We are all drinking and I am quite drunk already. I remember thinking “i´m glad I don´t have to walk up stair, only swim”.



I was on a plane, going to Veracruz. We were all very excited, Stephanny and Jessica are there. The pilot says we´re about to land, I look out the window and see we are going to land in water. I get excited. When the plane opens it´s doors, we walk out and into an aquarium… the Veracruz aquarium. It was a bis tunnel, filled with shark tanks all around, whales swim by, so do sting rays. We come into the big salon, where the tank is a 360* tank. There are no glass walls, the water is magically holding the shape it should. You can see the fins break the water. We walk out to the city, and it´s the other side of the rocks, the place where the 3 dogs were from my other dream. They are there, and they remember me. They know I am the owner of the house on the other side of the rocks…they are pissed at me. The launch at me, trying to bite me, and they do…but the bites feel like someone is holding me, it doesn´t hurt at all, I have 3 dogs clinging on my arms and it actually feels nice.



I had an art interview with Oswaldo (my art mentor), I couldn´t find the restaurant we were supposed to meet at, I knew everyone else had already been there… I was 4 hrs late, lost in a parking lot. I decided to go anyway, I grabbed a bus and went to Trujillo (Perú), we got on a boat, we were celebrating something, drinking and taking pictures. I had to impress oswaldo by taking great pictures. There were sharks everywhere. It turned into a takky shark movie, I was in it, but couldn´t do anything about it. I could see how people were making stupid choices, jumping in the water to see if the sharks were still there, like in the movies. It kept repeating itself, everytime another person jumped in, another person got eaten… we were getting close to land, finally, so we were very excited. Somebody through in a bucket and pulled out an octopus…I was taking amazing pictures of the octopus. 



We were on an expedition, I was part of a Nat Geo team, we were 4 people, a girl and her father were there. It was snowing heavily. We were crossing into China, we could physically see the boarder (don´t know how) through the heavy snow. We were traveling on snowmobiles, we were playing around, doing turns, pulling people with rope, and sliding on ice. I was filming and taking pictures. We got to a place we didn´t recognize, we had to make the snowmobile jump into China. We made a speed-bump out of crumbled rope, drove really fast into it and made it jump. We landed and broke the ice. We run to look for the others, the girl and dad are in their under ware swimming looking for something in the water, super pale, I am suddenly the girl, we see the others come and get us. It´s super cold, they try and get us out of the freezing water when whales come, tiny orcas, the size of a seal. We have a fake one there, equipped with a camera. We make it swim around with the real ones, they come really close to me and bump into me a lot, “they feel like hard rubber”.



I was invited to a cruise, with the promise of amazing diving. I go into the water, no problems going down, very deep, I start taking amazing pictures, I can tell. I have my Nikon7000 with a waterproof case. There are amazing animals, some I had never seen before. Huge parrot fish, seal-fishlike creatures swimming, a turtle swam right over me, I got great pictures. Then, crazy diving started inside a sunken cruise, we had to go through small corridors, staircases, ballrooms, etc… my diving time ended, as I was going up, I realized I had finished the camera´s battery, Nicole was there, waiting for me,good thing she isn´t going to dive. My second dive, I go in without the camera, I came back out, everyone had seen my pictures and absolutely loved them. I can´t see them because this time the battery is totally out. I was part of a group, we were in front of the beach, at night, staying in a very open room. I was with Nicole, they told us someone was coming over, a teacher, it was Jorge, he told me about his baby, how my dad is  a great insipiration, he showd me a webpage he built for my dad. I showed him my pictures, he loved them, I still haven´t seen them. In the morning I was a man, people were after me, I had my camera and the charger, that´s all that mattered to me. I was suddenly a girl, I had a French bulldog that turned into a horse when excited. I was a slave to a huge guy and his dog, somebody else was with me. In a moment of distraction, we escaped from my Cancún house where we were hostages, I started running down the street and was counting on my dog to turn into the horse, he didn´t, I hid behind a car, the man´s dog found us, started barking, the man came over, I could see his feet under the car, he was about to capture us again. Suddenly, the other person that was with me came in the honda and snagged me.  The chase began. I was in a cave, with cristina, we were trying to watch a movie that would explain what was happening to me, but it was a cassette, although we called it VHS, it wasn´t. she couldn´t get it to work, she was on the phone with tech support, I was  winding and unwinding the tape, I fixed it. I knew I was in a dream, but I couldn´t remember where I was sleeping. I was telling Stephanny and Cristina that I usually see an image of my lips and their surroundings and I usually know where my body is, but in this dream I can only see a smudge of my lips, painted pink, but no surroundings, they had the consistency of oil paint, I had them on my finger and smudged them on the rim of something. More men are trying to capture me. I am in a street, running from them, in London I think, I come to an intersection, the paint on the traffic lines are pink, I am in Barbara Streisand street. I go into a gated house, thinking they can´t find me here. They do, they tackle me and inject me with something while they scrape my abdomen. I am drugged, can barely feel my body, I am a man.  I am in a room with my enemy, he is doing some chemistry formulas, I grab my camera take a picture and blind the man, I start running, the gate opens and I can run very very fast. They are chasing me, we go into an apartment, I see 2 tubs side by side. In the tubs, lie 2 bodies that look like me, I look like Keanu reeves. The body on the left  is clearly evil, and the other not. I stare at them, amazed, they look like they are asleep. I realize that they are splitting into 2, mitosis, their faces start to double, I freak out and want to get out of the room, but can´t.



I was part of a big expedition, we were looking for the creating place of little wax balls, that apparently had great power. We were swimming upstream in a river, full of dolphins and whales and sharks. We were following them, they would take us to the place we needed to go. Suddenly, the river starts going underground, we hang on to the shark´s fins and they seem to know we have to breath air, they speed up in this underpass and get us to the other side just in time for us to take our breath. I could see what we were doing in a map-like vision, from above, we were represented by little worms moving on the map. I then was in Dania´s house, waiting for Chris. I was setup in a lookout tower, watching the road, waiting and waiting. My dad was there, drawing and throwing his drawings to the wind. I start falling asleep, my eyes are very heavy, i can barely keep them open. My Dad insists I go home to sleep…Chris finally gets there, and I start telling him about my whale, dolphin and shark “dream”, i was very specific with the scientific names of the animals, Chris suggested that the TV was probably on while I was asleep and Animal Planet must have had a dolphin-shark-whale show on, and that was why I was dreaming that.



I was in a university, it was an open building, no ceiling, with logs crossing everywhere. There was a catastrophe, an ecological catastrophe that we were trying to solve. The building was right on the ocean, water came right up to it and we could see from the top all the animals swimming around. We could identify them just by their silhouette. Everybody had to swim to get around, for some reason there were no boats or kayaks or anything of the sort. Chris was a giant, everyone needed him for something, so he was always running everywhere. We went on an expedition into the woods, looking for a plant that cured whatever disease had come to the world. We found this bulb that when opened, it sprayed a powder that made everyone very eco-friendly. That was the answer! So, we go back to the building, and everything is wrong, people I don´t want to see are there, dogs are agressive, we have to run Newt over along with another dog… it´s all terrible. So, we get to the building and our plan was to spray the dust from the plant into the water, that way, everyone would get it… but, as we were going to jump in, we see a silhouette we don´t recognize… a new shark-like creature we had never seen before. We go up to the top floor to look for our teacher, but on the way, we see a room that looked suspicious… we walk in, and sure enough, somebody had been farming these new shark-like creatures. The ones there were still babies, no bigger than my hand, they had the shape of a nurse shark, but had red and white extremities on their back like nudibranchs. They looked dangerous. We run to get our teacher, he´s in the middle of class but agrees to come with us, we run up the stairs, 5 steps at a time, we show him the room, he inspects them, I tell him to be careful “they look poisonous”, he touches one and starts to feel terrible. He tells me to go get his books and a week´s worth of homework, I don´t understand why, but I run down to his classroom and see his students, 20 or so, all exactly alike. It weirds me out, but i don´t think much of it. I go back up with all his books, he tells us that somebody took his gene-experiments and created the shark.



Estaba en una ola, eran olas grandes, habían personas por todos lados. Podía escuchar claramente lo que las personas que estaban en la playa decían, casi como si fueran comentaristas. Eran olas rápidas, izquierdas, por lo que estaba un poco nerviosa. Vino una ola, la tomé, no me fue tan mal, al salirme de la ola, veo que viene un set gigante. Empiezo a brazar para no quedar atrapada bajo el agua y noto que del otro lado de la ola hay otra playa, regreso la Mirada al oro lado y efectivamente hay dos playas. El mar es solo un tramo de agua, flanqueado por dos playas muy diferentes. Estoy remando fuertemente pues viene otra ola, me quiero salir del agua, veo que hay un estacionamiento justo al borde del agua, llego a él y hay un lobo horrible, viéndome fijamente con ganas de comerme. Me da mucho miedo y me vuelvo a meter al mar, tratando de brazar fuerte y llegar a otra playa, pero el lobo me está siguiendo por a playa…veo un árbol grande en una playa cercana, hay mucha gente alrededor moviendo unas piezas de metal, pienso: si voy ahí y empiezo a subir el árbol ,el lobo se distraerá con la demás gente y los atacará a ellos. Hago eso, pero el lobo con una destreza abnormal para lobo, sube el árbol siguiéndome, casi alcanzándome con sus garras, me tiro a la playa y agarro una piedra grande, gritándole: ¡Te voy a romper la madre cabrón!

Aparezco en un hospital, yo soy doctora o enfermera, tenemos a una persona que está toda despellejada. Sé que yo fui secuestrada por 4 meses por el lobo, pero salí ilesa. Esta pobre mujer, ya casi no tenía carne, ni piel, era puro hueso, algunos tendones y algunos músculos. Tenía 24 años. La saco ya muerta en silla de ruedas y la siento en frente de su madre; ella, llorando histéricamente, le dice a mi mamá quien estaba ahí al lado: qué suerte la tuya que salió viva, no sé cómo esperaste 4 meses.

Mandé a lavar toda mi ropa, la mandé a la lavandería donde lo mandaba Kathia y su familia, me fui a mi casa de Cancún por unos instantes para recoger a Newton (era un perro negro pequeño) cuando volví, la ropa no estaba, pensaron que no la quería y la mandaron con la demás ropa no deseada a un Mercado. La llevaban en un autobus gigante, con cloro y jabón en una pila grande, donde la lavan, le echan cloro y la regalan a gente para hacer trapos. No!!! yo estaba horrorizada, pues era toda mi ropa. Intento sacar del bonche mi ropa antes de que lo metan al cloro…hay gente por todos lados, es como un Tianguis en México. Logro salvar algunas de mis valoradas piezas. Me pongo un vestido rosa, muy fru fru, esponjado en la falda, hermoso. Yo me quería ir a mi casa, pues tenía una  bolsa grande llena de mi ropa, pero Kathia y su familia insistió que fuera con ellos a un parque de agua. Estábamos brincando de cascadas, Newton estaba ahí también, en resbaladillas, albercas grandes, yo con mi vestido rosa fru fru.  En cierto momento me echo de una cascada y mi tiara se me rompe, empiezan a caer miles de chakiras al agua, pero miles, no entiendo cómo salen tantas de mi tiara. Me quiero salir e irme, pero ya es hora de regresar a la Uni. Al parecer mi uni era ese lugar lleno de agua y albercas. Le hablo por teléfono al Director, al Arquitecto Piña, y me dice que nadie va a regresar a clases hasta dentro de un mes. No entendía, pues era lunes, 3 de abril y teníamos que estar en clases ya. Hay unas repisas llenas de chicles, de todos sabores y tamaños, me meto un Juicy Fruit ENORME a mi boca, no puedo ni hablar, todos se emocionan por los chicles y empiezan a comer chicles.



Jessica, Chris and I were looking for something, Chris decided to go one way and Jess and I went another, we got to these amazing rock formations and mountains. We were taking pictures and climbing the rocks, when suddenly the Earth started to move and shift, we were terrified but at the same time couldn´t get over how beautiful it looked. There were mountains being born and disappearing right in front of our eyes. It felt as if we were on water, but we were holding on to a rock that was moving from place to place, as if it was showing us everything. We know we are very lucky to have seen such spectacle. When it´s over, we start looking for Chris… we get to a mangrove and there he was, with 4 other guys, they had a weird look on their face, zoned out, they didn´t recognize us, they had surfboards and really didn´t want us to follow them. They jumped into the water and started paddling away from us, we jumped in, started swimming and followed them. They stopped for a second, stood on their boards and jumped into a hole in the water. We looked into the hole and there was nothing there.



For some reason, I had stolen a hippo. I could see the mother hippo in the water near the beach, very shallow waters. She was furious at me and I knew she would launch at me at any time. I started running down the beach, it was the Cancún beach but with great dunes on the sides. The mom hippo was getting closer and closer, so I ran into a hotel and wanted to cross over the to the street, the cancun hotelzone street, I get into the hotel and recognize it, I had already been there in another dream, and I know it. I walk in, baby hippo in arms, pass the pools and walk onto the street. The mother hippo couldn´t get to us there.



I was swimming with whales with Chris, when I look over and notice a weird, different very furry whale swimming with us. We lived with Kathya and Jason. I tell them about the whale and I go back into the water looking for it. I find it, it looks more like a furry turtle-whale now, she corners me into a rock, I was sitting there watching her, she turned into a snail, but she was made of white and blue beautiful porcelain, with drawings and everything. She moved slowly and I wanted to touch her. I then start hearing loud radio signals, I am no longer in the water, I am in a house, I know those sounds mean an alien invasion. I fast forward to the future and see that the whole world is very cloudy.



Costa Rica was in a state of war. there were soldiers and mean people everywhere. All the streets where unpaved and in very bad shape. Chris and I were there but as tourists…everyone knew who the tourists were. There were always people taking pictures and video of us. I went down the road for something during the night and a huge riot started, all the tourists were told to move move move! get out!, so I got into the car that was waiting for me, we couldn´t t get up the steap road and so we turned around and drove to Mexico, which was like 2 hrs away. I was expecting Chris to do the same thing. I got to the house and Chris wasn´t there. We had no phone, no cell phones, nothing! I was with my mom and very worried. I notice my mom had like 10 dogs, I finally decided to call nicole,,,her number was the 27788490 number, but something was wrong with the lines and it would call my own house. On TV I see that everything is OK in CR and that all those pictures that they had been taking of us were for a movie, that was going to be released this afternoon! it was called CHRISUCKS and the cover was a picture of him in a suit in his car angry at traffic. So i was very excited and wanted to go back, it was only 2 hrs away. Suddenly I am in a torn down school, I am a student and have tons of things to do, there is a blueprint i have to make, a math quiz and other things. The lights were terrible, only one of the fluorescent lights lid up and it was driving me crazy.



I had to run up a mountain, looking for something…as I run up I notice that I´m arriving to a beach. There is surf, but the locals tell me I got there too late. After 6pm you can´t surf anymore. So i´m there, alone, when suddenly Kathia, Jason and Chris arrive. We are in this university-like building, drinking and getting high on a liquid drug that I don´t recognize. I wake up in a hospital bed. They think i´m crazy. I am saying “a brush, a brush, a brush” , i´m so high on meds that i can´t focus on anything else. When one of the doctors is taking me to his office, I see a brush and start brushing my hair, I had been in a coma for 3 days and needed to brush my hair. Tons of hair start to fall out, the receptionist understands i´m too drugged to act normal and tells the Dr he should let me go, he doesn´t and injects me in the butt with something else. Somehow i slip out the room and look for Chris, I find him in a hostel with Kathia and Jason, I feel pretty messed up, but I am able to talk and walk. We are in the middle of the jungle, it´s dark, there are kids everywhere, tons of people, I know they are looking for me. I have to be careful of who sees me. I changed clothes and put up my hair so that they´d have a harder time recognizing me. I walk into a hallway and there are two female cops, they think i´m drunk, so they want me to take a test, they sit me down in a movie theatre and start drawing blood, they see I´m not drunk, but they mark on a page with many famous people´s names who I look like and act like. There´s an emergency, I don´t know what´s happening, but everyone is running and getting out of the building, I take advantage of the situation and start running towards the door, one cop that had apprehended me before, recognizes me, I try to get out through another door and ran faster than I had ever ran before for a very long time. I get to where Chris, Kathia and Jason are, it´s a big restaurant and they can´t decide who´s going to sit where.



I had a pet puma living in my room in Cancún, It was xmas and the Gil family was there. We were watching a movie and my mom was in it she was part of the I love Genie cast. Jessica was there and wanted to have a threesome, I didn´t make much of it and started cooking dinner. Ito was there just watching us. I was going to school, graduating university at the time, I had nowhere to live and a girl let me live with her and 3 other girls. At school, Miachael Jackson was one of my teachers. I was worried I wasn´t going to be able to graduate, but he calmed me down and gave me my degree. I was wearing a beautiful beige dress, I was surrounded by dogs. Cristina handed me a folder that said: “read this and then hsbc it”, I tried to read but couldn´t focus my eyes. Michael Jackson was walking down the sidewalk, he had missed our graduation, everyone came out to talk to him. My mom asked me if I had already read the package, I hadn´t, I got down to my knees and started apologizing and hugging her feet… I look up and it was Stephanny.



There were big fish tanks, but they were completely filthy, full of moss. There were big coi fish in there and many frogs. The frogs were big and small, we were going to eat them. I grab a tiny little frog, I see my dad grab a huge one and just bite his head off. I had a camera in my hand and was taking pictures, then I realize Chris was far away in pajamas, so I took pictures of that. Chris and I were walking down a dirt road, like in Vermont, at night. We came across a nice town and bought the house by the lake. We walk around to get to know the town at night and there were clowns everywhere, it kind of freaked me out. In the morning I go to the school building and nobody wants to talk to me, I hear there is a legend of the house we had just bought to be haunted. The house was pretty, with many windows, only 5 mts away from the lake. The houses are very far away from eachother. I am in a self-protection class, in which I have to jump into a pool full of sharks and one crocodile. The lesson is to trust in your partners. I jump in, swim around, but nothing happens, so I get out. The teacher tells me to go back in and splash around and really try to get attacked…so I do, I jumo in and start splashing, the sharks don´t even look at me, but I see the croc come out from under the doc and swim straight for me. At that moment Chris and a girl jumped in and started to help me wrestle the croc down, we do, pull it out of the water and the croc sat up like a person. That night, we couldn´t sleep in the house. I go out to look at the lake, I see bags full of trash hanging from the bridges. As the sun comes up, they start throwing all the trash into the now river, I see all the trash just floating by and I am disgusted.



I knew I was part of a movie, but still it was my real life. We were in a combat on a beach, I jump into a moving pick up truck and had a huge gun in my hands, I see Vanila running next to the truck trying to catch up to us. I grab her and pull her into the truck, she was so happy to be part of the battle. We were at a party, all my pets were there and Vanila got along with the cats, I was very relieved. There was a big cenote separating the party into groups. We had to go to the city (San José) because somehow I had sliced my ribs open, I had a piece of my flesh in my hands and I was trying to stick it onto my body, it wasn´t working. I didn´t feel pain, it was like my body was someone else’s. we had to take a bunch of people with us, they were all babies and kids. It was like one scene of a movie was repeating itself many times. I had put the kids in a room and they always destroyed it and got hurt, over and over again. Still I had my ribs open and the piece I had in my hand was getting darker and darker. We stayed the night at an hacienda and were watching the moon, it was beautiful and super big, I was with Ito and we were commenting on how the medicines I had taken would make me see things. I could see the moon moving up and down.



Había un zombie apocalipse, todos ya se estaban convirtiendo en zombies, ya estábamos en las etapas finales. Vivíamos en la selva y tuvimos que construir todo otra vez, habíamos contruido puentes colgantes y habían lianas en todos lados para movernos. Eran edificios enormes en los árboles. Llegaron muchos zombies a atacarnos y tuvimos que escapar, los gatos y perros corrían por puentes prqueños y nosotros nos movíamos en las lianas. Por fin encontramos el refugio oficial de la gente normal… se había regresado a las creencias tribales, prehispánicas, antiguas, no habían armas ni ropa, al entrar, me hicieron pasar por un ritual de pasaje en el que me daban de latigasos (se oían muy fuertes pero apenas y los sentía), Chris no quería que le dieran los latigasos y empezó a pelearse con los encargados. Me llevaron a lo que sería mi cuarto, era un cuarto construido de telarañas, eran grises y estaban muy bien armadas, cuando me subí en ellas, se sentía como si fuera Madera.



We were in an outdoor party, pools everywhere, but everyone was dressed very elegantly and oldfashioned, with white wigs and big dresses. I really had to pee, i look for the bathroom, it starts raining and my beautiful burgundy shoes get muddy, I finally find the bathroom, there is a doorman and he tells me i have to wait my turn. Somehow i can see inside and notice there are several bathrooms available, so, i didn´t understand why i had to wait… at last it was my turn, i walk in and there are big sofa chairs, no toilets… i ask a girl where i should pee, and she tells me to just pee on the sofas…she pokes one and pee drips out. I am at a barmitzvah at a huge table, next to me is my mom, next to her my grandma and next to her my grandpa… all the other people i do not recognize. Food starts to come out, they were huge plates filled with overly breaded fish filets and mashed potatoes. Grandpa gets handed a plate and he does not recognize it nor knows what to do with it, he seems totally confused by the plate, grandma just takes it and passes it to my mom. i was trying to explain the bathroom situation to my mom when  she interupts and she asks me: where´s jannita? i say, pointing my finger: right there, and there i was, 5 year old me at a kid´s table bored, with a pack of huge crayons. I say hello to myself, but 5 yr old me doesn´t recognize 25 yr old me, and my eyes tear up in a way i´ve never experienced in a dream.



Estaba en un edificio abierto, con arena por todos lados. Era una especie de universidad mágica, en la que nos estaban enseñando a comprender a los elementos. Yo era parte de un grupo de como 30 personas, niños, adultos y ancianos… todos éramos alumnos de un maestro, interpretado por el actor de Dr. House. Cada vez que nos iba a enseñar un aspecto de un elemento, el maestro cambiaba de forma, tomando aspecto de chamanes, ancianos o niños. Yo era una de sus alumnas estrella, aprendiendo cómo hacer bombas atómicas facilmente, quedó muy impresionado por mi comprehensión de los elementos. Para nuestra lección final, teníamos que entender a los elementos del agua, saber cómo transformarlo en un sólido, así, pudiendo caminar sobre él. Yo, junto con otros dos alumnos, pusimos nuestros pies en la alberca, sentía cómo las ondas del agua iban más lento mientras más los observaba, ya era una gelatina, me paro y agarro equilibrio…estaba caminando sobre agua. Una muchacha nada frente a mi, yo camino. Mis otros dos compañeros se paran. Claramente éramos los alumnos estrella. Después de nuestro logro, comienza una tormenta fuertísima, apenas y podíamos ver nuestros libros… nuestro maestro tiene forma de un niño y por fin me atrevo a preguntarle por qué nunca está en su forma original. Me dice que es la única manera en la que puede lidiar con ésto. – ¿Ésto? ¿A qué te refieres? ¿A enseñarnos o a la vida? , se me queda viendo como si hubiera descubierto un secreto profundo, se da la vuelta y se va. A la mañana siguiente, todos estamos vestidos de blanco, los padres y familiares de todos están presentes. A la izquierda hay un buffet exquisito, frente a nosotros, una alberca grande. Comienzan a llamar a los alumnos, uno por uno, pasan a mostrar su habilidad (pobre habilidad de los demás alumnos) de caminar sobre el agua. Era una graduación, una primera comunión de culminación de los estudios de los elementos. A mi no me nombran, estoy sorprendida, en llanto profundo.



I was with my dad and Kathia, my Costa Rica friend. We were getting into a van, I knew we were on our way to a fancy party, but we were still in our bikinis. We are parked on a hill, waiting for somebody, I don´t know who. I look to the horizon and see a beautiful sunset, over the ocean, orange and purple skies; to the other side, I see night, pitch darkness and stars everywhere. At last, that “somebody” we were waiting for comes out of the building and starts pushing us into the van. I feel threatened for some reason and resist violently, as I struggle to get out of the grip of this man, I see a meteor shower, the first one I have ever seen! It becomes very emotional as I do everything in my power to see these stars, falling and leaving their trail. I know I am in a dream, that these stars aren´t real, but I don´t seem to care, they are still very important (ps. I have never seen a meteor shower as of now Aug. 2012).



Estaba en una especie de festival de música y masas…masas me refiero a formas en gel, que estaban siendo exhibidas por sus propietarios. Era una celebración en grande en un valle enorme. Yo sabía que iba a tocar La Barranca en vivo y que iban a grabar el concierto, quería ir. Estaba con Dania y me estaba peinando de una manera muy renacentista, pelo alto y blanco, íbamos a ir a un fashion show. Yo no quería ir, porque tenía planes de ir al concierto. Vivía con mi mamá en un edificio muy alto que tenía vista a un parque nacional en el que habían muchos ríos y una entrada hacia el mar. Traía mi celular y me estaba comunicando con Pepe por mensaje para quedar en ir a la grabación de su disco nuevo. Bajaba del departamento, dejé a mi mamá arriba, iba en camino al concierto cuando noto que el elevador está forrado en billetes ganadores de la lotería, era una prueba, una tentación. Me bajo y veo que una pareja joven entra al elevador con cuchillos en mano… por alguna razón sé que van a ir a matar a mi mamá. Encuentro policías afuera y les digo que vayan a salvar a mi mamá. Yo subo corriendo por las escaleras pero estas salen al parque nacional y estoy en medio de la selva, igualmente el elevador se abre ahí y deja salir a la pareja que iba camino a matar a mi mamá. Ahora nos encontramos los 3, solos, en la selva y tenemos que trabajar juntos para sobrevivir. Hay muchos cocodrilos, es selva-manglar, muchas piedras que escalar y árboles que esquivar. Empiezo a oír a La Barranca tocar a lo lejos. Me acuerdo que el estudio donde van a tocar está al otro lado del río al que ya mero llegábamos. Les digo el plan y están de acuerdo en ir primero al concierto y después ver qué se va a hacer para justiciar el hecho de que iban a matar a mi mamá. Vamos a cruzar el río, los tres tenemos largos cuchillos en mano, ellos los tiran al otro lado y empiezan a nadar, yo decido mantenerlo en la mano por si hay cocodrilos. Con el cuchillo en mano se me hace difícil nadar y la corriente me estaba sacando hacia el mar, grito por ayuda y el chavo va por mi y me rescata, ya éramos como hermanos. Del otro lado del río era Chiapas y llega una camioneta llena de todos los Chiapanecos que conozco, vestidos todos de charros. El edificio del que está saliendo la música de La Barranca es como el castillo de The Never Ending Story, precioso, puntiagudo y blanco. Nos quedamos ahí sentados en la arena a escuchar. Al terminar sale Pepe a preguntar por qué no llegué al concierto, pero no pude explicarle porque tenía un caracol gigante que le tenía que enseñar. Había captado la esencia del concierto en el caracol, lo volteo y sale escurriendo un jarabe espeso, tipo caramelo o cajeta derretida. 



I was a “freak” photographer, I´d travel around the world with a crew of camera and video men looking for odd things to capture. We we on a boat, a smaller one compared to the huge ones that surrounded us, we were docked and everyone was just hanging out in the water, on the dock and drinking. I realize there´s a girl in the water that swims rather fast… i dive in and see that she has 4 fish for legs. I go back to my room to get my camera and start taking pictures, she was jumping out of the water like a dolphin and showing off her “legs”. I sense that something is wrong, i tell my crew to be aware. When i go back into my room, there are 2 huge men stealing my memory sticks and cameras… i grab my camera and start to run into the city. It was an arab city, there are doors open all around me, the two men are chasing me closely. I run into a house, everyone gets quiet and knows i am not there to harm. An old man comes to me and places his hands on my head, says some magical words and lets me know that they will not recognize me anymore, that i could walk without fear. I thanks him and head out to the streets, still i am very nervous about being caught, i know they are members of a big organization that wants to keep all the magical/freaky/unknown things hidden. I am walking down a narrow street when i see them come towards me, i hesitate to keep walking and sit down to play chess on a round shaped piece of leather with a man. I am sitting there, pretending to not notice the men walk by when one of them suddenly stops, SHIT. He looks at me and asks me where I am from, i tell him i am busy and try to brush him off…he is not convinced and stays to watch the chess game. He turns away for a second and i hide underneath the table. They can´t seem to see me, and start looking for me again, i run out and head to the boat.



We were in a “Lost” type situation, in rooms that looked like hotel suites, but were actually in tiny little shacks. There were beach fights going on, contests and fire pits everywhere. We went into the ocean to be part of an activity that involved waves. I was very excited. I get in there, and there is a huge concrete structure, it was like a cube that was swinging with the waves. The idea was to be in between this swinging structure and a wall for as long as you could, then get out quickly before it sqwished you. I get out of the water and there are 3 men, that were clearly the “bad guys”. They gave us a weird object and told us we had to go sell it – “or else!”. I start walking down a tiny dirt road, and there is nobody in sight, I was walking with a dog, a mixture between Newt and Fluffy, but he was huge.



I was in a reunion in a house that looked like the ones in Costa Rica. There was sand everywhere but for some reason I was wearing jeans and tennis shoes.  There was an older couple, somebody´s parents, that wanted to go to the beach, I suggested to bring the Frisbee and ball, they were very opposed to taking the ball for some reason. My dad takes the Frisbee and started boomeranging it against the wind. I am in a bikini walking to the beach, but I still have my tennis shoes on. We get to shore, and it´s a concrete dock that oversees the ocean. I look out, and there are many military ships and people swimming right around them. I can see exactly what the army men are doing in the ships, they send down a camera attached by a cable, it launched underwater towards another ship, it passed very close to a swimmer and launched him out of the water. The other ship started sinking, everyone was swimming to shore, I had my camera and wanted to take underwater pictures, but couldn´t because I didn´t have a waterproof case.

I wake up in a room with some girl, I am tied up and I know I have been kidnapped. The girl walks in and out of the room, I can see it is like a foster house, there are several rooms, and a mother that takes care of everyone but never came into the room. I couldn´t scream or move. I don´t know how long I was in that room, until one day I was able to make a sound, I was screaming and asking for help. The mother came in and untied me, she didn’t want to let me go, because I “belonged to her child”, but she knew it was wrong. I saw the girl walking up the stairs, coming close, when she opened the door I punched her and ran out to the street. I was in rags, no shoes, bloody for some reason and everybody was looking at me. I started walking towards the house we were all at, thinking my parents would be very worried I had been missing for days… I was on a dirt road, there were wolves and dogs everywhere, they started following me and circling me in a protective way. I was crawling, not walking. A man asked me where I was going, I told him, and he said that the house was abandoned, that everybody had left and stopped looking for me, it had been 2 years since I had disappeared. 



Era una montaña grande, en la que habíamos escalado hasta el tope, y encontramos un pueblo muy extraño, ya que estaba a orilla del mar. Se nos hizo raro que tan arriba llegara la playa, pero no nos importó por que estábamos muy cansados y solo queríamos encontrar un hostal.  Entramos a un edificio que parecía que tenía cuartos disponibles, nos dieron un cuarto con una cama de 1mx1m, en el que por alguna razón cabíamos. Me dió hambre y encontré a un chavo local para que me llevara a comprar unas galletas en su coche, parecía un taxi. Me fui con él, llegamos a la tienda y solo compramos chicles de fresa, yo sabía que había algo raro con el mchacho, que los chicles significaban algo… íbamos de regreso al hotel, cuando me percato que ya no es el camino correcto y me está llevando a otro lugar, asustada le pregunto a dónde me lleva…pero solo se queda callado…llegamos a una alberca gigante, donde veo muchos cuerpos grandes, como ballenas y tiburones, salir por aire. Volteo a verlo y en ese momento me empuja a la alberca, él brinca también y me jala hacia el fondo. El olor del chicle atrajo a los animales y un tiburón muy grande se me pegó a la cabeza como rémora, no me lo podía quitar, estaba haciendo succión… de repente veo que salta chris a la alberca, yendo a mi rescate, pero a él se le pega una ballena a la cabeza, igualmente haciendo succión. No entendemos qué pasa, solo sabemos que este muchacho es malo y algo ha de ganar al tenernos ahí. Logramos salirnos de la alberca, a un área de mangle… los animales que tenemos en la cabeza se encogen cuando están fuera del agua. Estamos caminando entre plantas y nos encontramos con este muchacho, lo tiramos al piso y sometemos “¡Dános la cura para estos parásitos!” nos lleva a casa de su padre, donde dudosamente nos dan el antídoto muy rápido y sin mucho pelear. Lo inyectamos a nuestros brazos y se caen los animales de nuestra cabeza, en ese momento se siente una explosión a lo lejos, muy grande, todos sabemos que tenemos que ir montaña abajo. Empezamos a correr todos, se ve hacia atrás que viene un fuego que está arrasando con todo. Llegamos a un punto donde estábamos rodeados de mar, una península. Había un cuarto de hotel, entramos y nos sentamos desesperadamente sin saber qué hacer. La cama tenía un cristal encima, el que, por alguna razón, no quitamos para dormir. Se sentía el frío del cristal en nuestras espaldas. El muchacho malo, después de un tiempo, decide embarcar en una canoa, en busca de otra tierra y promete regresar por mi. Veo cómo se aleja en el horizonte y siento nostalgia, volteo y hay una carta en mi cama, no lo alcanzo a leer. 


Estábamos en una casa grande, como en Esterillos Oesta, CR. en una montaña. Chris y yo estábamos de babysitters para las gemelas. Estábamos cocinando cuando de repente empieza un terremoto gigante, nos salimos al jardín y vemos que las olas se están formando enormes, están llegando a la calle de abajo de nosotros. Me agarro de un árbol con Karlita (una de las gemelas) en mis brazos, las olas empiezan a llegar, me jala una, estamos colgadas de una rama, se rompe la rama y la ola se lleva a Karlita, no puedo hacer nada, estoy colgada aferrándome a la rama. Cuando pasa el agua, le digo a Chris que se me perdió la niña, yo estaba en pleno llanto… No parece que se preocupara tanto, dice: pues, aquí está la otra, no importa. Yo no entendía por qué estaba tan tranquilo… de repente llegan los papás de las gemelas, les decimos de la situación y no les importa. Yo no podía con la culpa, necesitaba salir a buscarla al mar. Me subía a una puerta grande que estaba flotando y remo mar adentro. Voy llegando a un objeto flotante, en el que creo que vi a Karlita y resulta ser una llave de 20 metros, flotando y albergando a varios animales que habían sido arrastrados por la ola. No encuentro a Karlita ahi. Sigo remando y se hace de noche, siento mucho miedo, pues no sé cómo regresar a la casa. Dejo que la corriente me lleve hasta que topé con la arena en un lugar extraño, me bajo de la puerta y encuentro a Karlita con una familia local, cargando flores hacia su pueblo.



Estábamos Vic, mi papá, una familia entera de Costa Riquenses, Chris, yo en bebé de 3 años y yo a mi edad. Teníamos una fiesta en la casa de Akumal. La casa era muy distinta, era de una planta, enorme y justo a la orilla de Yal ku. Estábamos celebrando que una de las chicas se acababa de graduar de prepa. Había mucha comida y animales por todos lados. Yo sabía que la niña (Janna) era yo misma y era mi responsabilidad cuidarla. Todos se daban cuenta que nos parecíamos mucho, pero solamente mi papá sabía que era yo en bebé. Nos empezamos a meter a yal ku, había una corriente muy fuerte de mar viniendo de por abajo de las piedras, de la cual salían peces enormes. Yo estaba fuera del agua viendo a mi pa y a Vic nadar junto con otras personas y turistas, ya estaba oscureciendo. Un pez enorme llegó entre mi pa y Vic a sacar sus aletas del agua, era una carpa de al menos 2 metros; la podían tocar y se iba nadando muy lentamente. De repente, empezaron a salir  muchos tiburones, tiburones toro que venían a Yal ku a dormir. Nadie pareció tenerles miedo, yo estaba alerta porque era la única que los podía ver de lejos. Eran enormes y comenzaban a perseguir, de manera juguetona, a todos los nadadores. Por fin, todos se salían de yal ku y comenzaban a alistarse para la gran fiesta. Yo tenía que llevar a la cama a Jannita. Jannita tenía como 3 años, me acostaba con ella en un sofá grande, junto con un gatito y la arrullaba a dormir, me daba mucha ternura su carita y se la apretujaba mucho. Cuando se quedó dormida, desapareció. Me levanté y fui con los demás, quienes estaban en un argumento de qué íbamos a hacer, si ir a la lunita o quedarnos aquí a hacer una parrillada en las piedras de yal ku. Después de un rato, aparece Jannita de nuevo, pero ahora tiene como 15 años, tiene el pelo largo y muy rizado. Le entrega algo a mi papá, dice “i hope you like it”; es un paquete de galletas emperador…lo abre mi pa y ve que había hecho una esculturita con cada galleta. Sabemos que Jannita se siente reprimida porque yo estoy ahí, y todos creen que somos iguales, pero en realidad éramos muy diferentes.